Skype for Business – the next generation of Unified Communications (UC)

Enables you to do familiar things more quickly and conveniently.

Skype for Business is a communications and collaboration platform that brings together the familiar experience and user love of Skype with the enterprise grade security, compliance, and control that you’ve come to expect from Lync.

Skype for Business makes it possible to connect to anyone else on Skype, using IM, audio, and video.

Help Your Business Stay Connected

We know that connecting with co-workers, customers, and partners is critical for your business. But too often communication is blocked by technology silos, competing platforms, distance, and security concerns. Lync unified communications by removing most of these barriers by streamlining a single solution for all the different ways we communicate and share. But the benefit is mostly inside of the individual organisation—it doesn’t extend to your external partners and customers who aren’t on the same network. Now Skype for Business can connect you with anyone. Even people who are outside of your business can get the same amazing capabilities. Doctors can communicate with patients. Employers can interview candidates. Use your imagination—the opportunities for business growth are limitless.


Save Time and Money

How much time does your organisation spend reaching out to customers, prospects and partners? Talking to colleagues and customers can be costly, especially when they’re in other parts of the world or using mobile phones. So how can you keep these costs to a minimum?

Switch to Skype for Business and your company can benefit from low-cost calls, including international calls and calls to mobiles, saving on the cost of business calls without skimping on the quality of your service.

Using Skype for Business will also help you and your employees cut down on non-essential travel. With Skype for Business there is no need for everyone to be in the same room for meetings. Video calls and meeting are the prefect replacement and just as effective. Just think how much you could save on flights, fuel and hotel bills. And when you’re not spending time on the road, you are being much more productive.


Find Out More…

If you would like to find out more about what Skype for Business can do for your organisation, contact us today to book your consultation. Please include your company name and approximate number of employees.