The Unified Comms experts, 1plex Ltd, are very excited to announce that they have launched a new Tech4Teams website, designed to showcase exciting and innovative collaboration products and solutions.

Karen Bolam, Marketing Manager for 1plex explains: “This really is such an exciting time for us. As you know, we are experts in Unified Communications and Collaboration with Skype 4 Business being at the heart of everything we do.

“Having worked on a vast number of projects and meeting room installations, both in the UK and abroad, we have really managed to nail down what works in any given environment. That puts us in a great position where we are able to look at a client’s requirements and recommend the absolute best products and solutions for their needs.”

Tell us more…

When asked to explain more about Tech4Teams, Karen says: “We work quite heavily in the meeting room space and have installed many meeting room solutions. Being experts in this field and having come across a lot of brilliant, niche products, we wanted to share this valuable information and so launched Tech4Teams.”

The Website…

Looking at the Tech4Teams website, there are lots of interesting products as well as a blog which brings you news, views and reviews.

Browsing through the website, one product that really stands out is the ‘Meeting Room in a Box’. This is an all-in-one solution providing everything you need to turn your room into a fully functional interactive meeting space.

Meeting Room in a Box

Karen explains more: “The ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ is a solution that we have developed over the past couple of years whilst working on exciting projects in the UK, France, Belgium and other locations. It is essentially an all in one solution that will turn your room into a fully functional interactive meeting space.

“There is a lot to think about when kitting out a meeting room, it’s not just a case of knowing which speakers are the best for a large meeting space, or what size screen you need. There’s things like room booking, monitoring room occupancy and utilisation as well as detail involving cable management, wall brackets, cables etc to think about.

“If you were to try and do this yourself, how much time would you spend researching products and solutions on the internet? When your order is delivered, how many elements will you have forgotten, or not realised you needed? Will everything work together?

“We have this knowledge and decided to take that pain away by offering a ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ solution which provides absolutely everything you need to create your very own meeting space. By offering this solution we hope to knock down some of the barriers that stop organisations from being able to communicate and collaborate effectively.”

When asked how the new website was performing and if they’d had much interest, Karen explains: “It’s great, the ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ solution is a serious hot topic and star of the show. It’s sparked such an amazing amount of interest. It has really proved that there are a lot of companies out there who have been looking for exactly this. It just takes all the hard work out of things for the customer and gives them a simple, consistent experience.

“I think one of the biggest reasons for its success is that we have built it as a single cable solution. This means that once set up, the user simply enters the meeting room, plugs in their laptop to a single cable and that’s it, they’re connected to all the IT resources. It is literally a plug and play solution, very easy to use and means if you have several meeting rooms, you have consistency throughout. The same technique can be extended to hotdesks. There are of course many other advantages to the room in a box solution. It allows you to manage the meeting room remotely, gather usage information, build up stats on your rooms etc. Information like this can really help organisations understand how they work, how they can improve and ultimately be more productive.

“Being able to bring this solution to a wider audience is really exciting. We now live in a world where collaboration is key to success. What can be better than helping other people and organisations achieve this?”

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Tech4Teams or their ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ solution, please visit their website: