I recently experienced a problem testing Bluejeans from a Crestron Lync Room System. I then retested on a Smart SRS and found the same issue, strange as the same Lync accounts signed into a laptop could join a Bluejeans conference without any problems. I collected the logs and sent them to BlueJeans who came back with this response..

 “After analyzing the client logs and the corresponding meeting logs on our servers, it looks like this issue is related to a known issue that we are tracking, where the endpoint is sending two video m lines in the offer SDP (invite) and BlueJeans is not able to handle it properly.”


Sure enough, both LRS’s had CX roundtable devices attached so I retested by plugging in the Logitech CC3000e and immediately the LRS could join Bluejeans calls without a problem. The fact I was using an LRS was irrelevant and I’ve proven that using any Lync client with the CX5000/5100 causes the connection to a Bluejeans conference to fail, reason being that Lync is making an SDP offer for both main and pano video.

In the short term it’s not possible to join a Bluejeans conference if you have a roundtable device connected. Bluejeans are working on a fix for this issue but no date has currently been set for an update.