Following the recent release of firmware for the Polycom HDX range, devices such as the HDX7000 now fully support Lync 2013. This release had been eagerly awaited by a number of our customers who have installed Lync 2013 and were waiting for the opportunity to integrate their Polycom room based systems.

(Interestingly one Lync installation we performed recently was done primarily to extend the reach of the HDX so it could be used to screen international job candidates  remotely. The interview panel sit in the conference room in Cambridge interviewing remote candidates who join the conference as an anonymous user using the web client on a PC or Mac.)

With the release of firmware 3.12 we upgraded our demo HDX and spent the last couple of weeks showcasing it to customers – with universal praise for the ease of use and clean integration we have created a few quick videos to highlight the main points

Note, the HDX is running firmware 3.12 which is the first version to support Lync 2013, previous versions supported Lync 2010. The HDX 7000 has an active RTV licence which is required for Lync functionality

The first video shows how simple it is to invite the HDX to a conference organised in Outlook

The next video then shows how simple it is to join the conference from the HDX, simply walk into the VC room, go into the calendar and click on the pre-arranged meeting – whilst demoing this I have gone as far as half a dozen attendees on the call with a mix of PC, Mac, Ipad clients – the HDX shows the active speaker. Its worth noting that content isn’t seem on the HDX.

This video shows how simple it is to start an ad-hoc video call with the HDX – simply start a video call from the Lync client as you would with a normal Lync endpoint

Finally this video shows how to configure the HDX to enable it to sign into Lync and Exchange, there are two simple screens to configure then assuming you have pre-created a Lync account and Exchange mailbox you’ll be up and running