Microsoft have released a useful tool for diagnosing network quality to determine if it is good enough to hold a Lync Audio call prior to starting a meeting.

At the time of writing this app is only available for Windows 8 or 8.1, no app exists for windows mobile or RT devices.

The app can be found on the Windows store, a search for Lync Diagnostics returns the following:

Lync Diagnostics 1

Further information about the app can be seen by clicking on it, simply click to install.

Lync Diagnostics 2

Once installed you will have a Lync Diagnostics icon pinned to your start screen.

To run simply start the app and enter:

Now simply press Start to begin the test.

Lync Diagnostics 3

The test above was run over a Wifi connection using a BT adsl connection – typically voice calls are pretty good over this connection. The MOS score of just under 4 confirms this connection is suitable for voice – The MOS scale is 1-5 (1 bad, 5 good), see the hyperlink below for a full description of the MOS metrics.

A list of past tests can be seen on the left hand side of the page so comparisons can be made with tests run in different locations or at different times.

Some background information on the MOS score (Mean Opinion Score) –

Interesting to compare the results with results taken from the Lync Online Transport Reliability IP Probe

This tool measures connectivity to the Microsoft Online servers whereas the Windows store app allows you to connect to your on-prem Lync installation,  in my case, using Office 365 they are measuring the same connection. The 2nd tool provides more detailed information and provides a similar MOS score (3.7). However it does give a little more context to the results and draws attention to the network jitter being high and potentially causing broken sound whilst on a call.

Lync Diagnostics 4 Lync Diagnostics 5