Microsoft have released a cumulative update two for Lync 2013. This update includes four new features which are designed to improve your overall Lync experience:

  • Embedded Images – the ability to add images to any 1:1 Lync conversation
  • Meetings View – the ability to see your day’s upcoming meetings right in your Lync client
  • IM Mute – the ability to disable IM during a Lync Meeting, allowing for greater control
  • Q&A Manager – the ability to manage formal Q&A in your Lync Meetings

Two features in particular, Q&A Manager and IM Mute, will be especially helpful in more structured meetings, where the presenter wishes to maintain control over the presentation flow. By controlling when and how participants may use the IM conversation window and Q&A Manager, the presenter can ensure that meeting content is the primary focus of the Lync meeting.

IM Mute enables Lync Meeting organizers and/or presenters to:

  • Disable the conversation (IM) window when the Lync meeting is scheduled
  • Manage when participants can view or contribute to the meeting conversation
  • Maintain greater control over meeting flow and attendee participation

Q&A Manager is helpful whether a meeting has one or multiple presenters. For example:

  • A single presenter may use tabs within the content stage area to switch between application sharing or an uploaded presentation and the Q&A Manager.
  • When co-presenters are available, one may focus on presenting content, while one or more of the others monitor and reply to incoming questions in the Q&A Manager tab.