In his blog (link below), Jeff Schertz presents some interesting facts about the video modes supported on the new Polycom CX5100

Having taken delivery of a new CX5100 we were interested to see the uplift in audio and video quality, this is immediately obvious if you are used to using the CX5000.

The CX5100 has a USB 3 interface, in this simple test we used a couple of laptops using both USB 2 and USB 3 to compare the resolution and frame rate achieved.

In the article Jeff talks about the CX5100 supporting Pano288 (1920×288) at a maximum frame rate of 30fps. But lower frame rates being used with USB 1.1 and 2.

As shown in the tests below, we saw both USB2 and USB3 connected devices support the higher Pano288 resolution for the panoramic view but the frame rate between USB2 and USB3 was very different.


This screen shot is taken from Snooper on a laptop using a CX5100 connected over USB 2 – note the video resolution of 1920×288 (Pano288) but a frame rate of only 5.99 frames per second

The next screen shot shows a laptop connected with USB 3, again 1920×288 but this time a frame rate of 25 fps (max possible is 30fps)

Find out more  by reading the Polycom CX5100 datasheet.