We recently took delivery of a Polycom Group 300 series device to add to the 1plex demo room. The system is currently licenced for 720p video but we are expecting the 1080p licence soon so will run additional comparisons when it arrives.

Our main interest in this device is as an MS Lync 2013 Endpoint for meeting rooms which we will blog about shortly but in the meantime this article provides a very quick comparison of the different cameras. Having always used Eagle Eye PTZ devices in the past I was interested to see how the new Eagle Eye acoustic camera compared. The acoustic camera is a much cheaper option and provides built in microphone and camera position at the front of the room.

The published list price for the Group 300 720p with EagleEye IV and desktop microphone array is £4133 whereas the same system but supplied with Acoustic microphone lists at £2199.

In the test below I have taken screenshots from a PC running RealPresence Desktop, the PC is in a Video Call with the Group 300 device using either the Eagle Eye PTZ or Acoustic camera.

The cameras are in the same position for both sets of images and were taken within a couple of minutes of each other so light levels were fairly consistent.

The Eagle Eye IV is also supplied with a desktop microphone array which also clearly has advantages in anything other than a small meeting room where the built in mic in the acoustic microphone is suitable.

As you’ll see from the shots below, the Group Series supplied with the Acoustic camera is great for private offices or small meeting room/huddle spaces. For anything larger than that the EagleEye IV is a better choice.

Screenshot of Group 300 using Acoustic camera fully zoomed in

Group 300







Eagle Eye IV fully zoomed in



Screenshot of Group 300 using Accoustic camera fully zoomed out

      Polycom acoustic







Eagle Eye IV fully zoomed out

Eagle Eye







Call Stats taken whilst using the Polycom acoustic camera

Call stats taken whilst using the Eagle Eye IV camera

The image below is taken using the Eagle Eye IV camera from a more ‘comfortable’ distance.

Image of Polycom Acoustic Camera

Image of Polycom EagleEye IV camera