Our diverse range of skills enable us to implement Unified Communications (UC) solutions, with Microsoft technologies, from start to finish. That capability from design to final delivery and beyond means that every client receives a solution fitted to their unique requirements. 

In our experience, UC can achieve payback within a single financial year from savings in telephony, licensing, hardware and travel costs. There is clear evidence of significant return on investment from an integrated approach to communications technology.

To ensure the success of every UC project, we provide a number of integrated services, which are described below.


Proof of Concept

We work with your in-house team to evaluate your needs and devise and test the UC strategy to ensure it fits your organisational objectives.

Design and Implementation

We map the requirements in detail to guarantee the technology suits your entire organisation. Throughout the implementation, our skilled project management ensures that all targets are met.

Training and User Adoption

We ensure that the senior team and all the end-users support the implementation and have full confidence in using the solution. This key phase ensures the success of the project.

Ongoing Support

We have various ongoing support contract options that can be put in place to give you peace of mind about the future effectiveness of your UC solution.

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