Award-winning SMART kapp™ – the dry-erase board. Reinvented.

Meet SMART kapp, the 21st century dry-erase board.

Combine a sleek, modern version of a dry-erase board or flip chart with a powerful app that lets you save and share content as it unfolds, and voilà: SMART kapp.

Collaboration has never been as simple and versatile: simply use SMART kapp as you would any other dry-erase board while easily capturing, saving and sharing your notes from brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. That means team members anywhere in the world can join sessions and actively participate, improving business collaboration and productivity.

For just £599 MRSP SMART kapp is an easy replacement for any dry-erase board or flip chart.

Smart Kapp

Simple, secure and stylish

  • Get started right away Put it up. Plug it in. Create.
  • Easily save and share notes Store content as snapshots on a mobile device. Automatically share snapshots to your Evernote™ account.
  • Real-time sharing Remote participants can be invited to view content in real-time using any browser
  • Refined inking Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without ever staining it.
  • Full data security Shared content is immediately deleted when you disconnect your device.

Stock is very limited. If you have any queries or would like to pre-order your SMART kapp please Contact Us as soon as possible!