Sustainability & Business Growth

At 1plex, our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to elevate our performance and make meaningful enhancements. We’re determined to continue our journey in pursuit of growth and knowledge.

Sustainability taken seriously


Our participation in the Small Business Big Impact course has empowered us to place sustainability at the very heart of our organisation.

This dedication is set to pave the way for significant business expansion. This course has ignited our creativity, inspiring us to explore avenues such as eco-friendly packaging suppliers, sourcing materials from local manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions, optimising the use of our electric vehicles for short trips, and reimagining how we furnish our meeting spaces to promote sustainability within our own office as well as others.

Moreover, the course has prompted us to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of our team dynamics and office practices. We now prioritise actions such as using reusable water bottles and bringing packed lunches, ensuring the conscientious powering down of electrical devices when leaving, choosing recyclable hand towels and paper products, and leveraging Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings instead of unnecessary travel.

Our commitment to going green is not a fleeting endeavour; rather, it comprises a combination of significant transformations and subtle adjustments, both evident in our day-to-day operations and concealed behind the scenes. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to this journey for the long term.