At 1plex, we love keeping up with the latest Microsoft releases! It’s our way of making sure we’re always in the know and can support your business better. We’re thrilled to pass on any new features that might benefit you.

Plus, we have fully equipped demo rooms in our Cambridge office, where we can create a proof of concept for any solution before delivering and installing it. This means we can guarantee that everything works perfectly on-site, resulting in less downtime for you when switching between systems. Our demo rooms are also a great way to show off our expertise and help you find the right solution for your business.

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We take being environmentally friendly seriously, and we know our customers do too! That’s why we make a conscious effort to consider the environment in every aspect of our business operations. We work with nearby suppliers to reduce transportation emissions, utilise solar panels in our offices to offset our carbon footprint, encourage remote work to cut down on commuting, and recycle any unused electronic equipment. We believe in doing our part to protect our planet and create a sustainable future.

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We’re proud to be a Microsoft Partner! This achievement showcases the wealth of expertise we have within 1plex. As a Microsoft Partner, we’re able to sell, deploy, support and develop Office 365 Microsoft Teams solutions. Our customers can be reassured that we are supported and recognized by Microsoft. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your business, and our partnership with Microsoft helps us do just that



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We are an enthusiastic friendly team of experienced consultants in Cambridgeshire, that champion hybrid working, after all isn’t that what MS Teams is all about..


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