Sustainability & Wellness

We take being environmentally friendly seriously, and we know our customers do too. That’s why we make a conscious effort to consider the environment in every aspect of our business operations. We work with nearby suppliers to reduce transportation emissions, utilise solar panels in our offices to offset our carbon footprint, encourage remote work to cut down on commuting, and recycle any unused electronic equipment. We believe in doing our part to protect our planet and create a sustainable future.

Check out what steps we are taking moving forward

Zero emmission vehicles

At 1plex, we are dedicated to embracing the future. As a part of our ongoing strategic initiatives, we have acquired a zero-emission electric car to add to our existing fleet of electric vehicles, which already includes an electric motorbike and e-bike. This move is aimed at making our journeys into the city and between offices more environmentally friendly, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

In the future, we hope to install electric car charging points at our main office, marking another progressive step towards sustainability. While we are thrilled with our progress towards achieving carbon neutrality, we acknowledge that there is still much to accomplish. Continuously seeking novel and innovative methods to minimize our environmental impact is at the core of our mission. Stay tuned for further updates as we strive to lead by example in sustainability efforts.

wellness of our team

We prioritise the well-being of our team. We believe that a relaxed and stress-free work environment is key to keeping everyone happy and healthy. That’s why we practice activity-based working – our office is a space where you’re free to roam and work in whichever zone suits your mood. This approach gives our team the flexibility and freedom to choose what works best for them. We’ve created a home-away-from-home vibe in the office, complete with plants, natural light, fresh fruit, and a relaxed dress code. Plus, we like to keep things lively with a spot of background music. And if you’re feeling extra active, we offer a bike-to-work scheme so you can pedal your way to the office. We want everyone to feel comfortable and supported, so they can do their best work.