When you are a large or diverse business working across multiple locations, Teams can quickly become complicated. Here at 1plex we have the skills and experience to get the best possible solution for you to make communication seamless and position you to move forward with modern ways of working.

We have experience supporting global organisations with complex needs. We offer an efficient and seamless service, providing expert consultancy and support to help you build a Teams ecosystem to support all your communication needs.

With our expertise and partnership with leading vendors, we can work with you to deliver your truly unified communications experience.

Contact Centre

Contact centre is a function of Microsoft Teams that offers much more than making and receiving phone calls.

Solutions such as Anywhere 365 are natively integrated into Teams enabling you to receive contact from your customers on any platform from anywhere at anytime.

1plex has a wealth of experience working with customers in critical environments, helping them to understand their customer contact requirements, then modeling and installing the right solutions.


Telephony is still a critical tool for organisations but the days of implementing a dedicated standalone phone system have gone. Microsoft Teams provides a fully integrated, rich telephony experience that brings all your communications into one single product.

1plex helps organisations migrate from legacy standalone systems to Teams telephony and partners with world class leading providers to deliver the appropriate solution. These partnerships include SIP trunk providers; manufacturers of gateways and SBC’s; handset and headset providers; and specialist companies providing on-hold services. Critically all these partners are completely invested in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem providing certified solutions.

1plex have experience designing and implementing these solutions at scale having gained experience with global organisations that have complex disparate telephony services.

Teams Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis of Teams call quality offers a complete overview of the performance, encompassing various factors such as user perception, devices, clients, network quality, and call reliability. By leveraging extensive data, we enable organisations to gain valuable insights into the performance of Teams across their entire infrastructure. This analysis not only helps identify and resolve any issues but also enables the tracking of data trends. Our assessment covers the entire organisation, including networks, and can be examined at a user level, allowing for both macro-level assessments and detailed investigations.

Report Analysis

Leveraging the PowerBI platform, we harness your organisation’s data to extract valuable insights and provide actionable next steps. Our custom reporting and interactive dashboards empower you to make informed decisions based on the analysis of your data. By utilising PowerBI, we enable you to unlock the full potential of your organisational data and transform it into meaningful information for effective decision-making

Our Work

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