The way we work has changed, and our requirements have changed, so we need to re-evaluate the technologies that we use in the workplace. By working from anywhere with any device, we need to make sure that what we are using is flexible, scalable, and most importantly the best fit for the job.

Meeting Rooms

1plex work with you to design a meeting room space that will suit your exact needs, helping you choose furniture and soft furnishings to give it the feel you want and most crucially recommending the right technological solution that will fit the space and your requirements.

These rooms can be duplicated across multiple locations as 1plex can provide detailed documentation and support to implement the room set up around the world.

A visit to our demo room will help you see it all in action too. If you can’t make it in person, we can give you a virtual walk around!

Check out our past and present meeting room spaces




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Hybrid Office

The world of office-based work is forever changing, and hybrid working is a now the norm. By creating different spaces for us to work, it can actually help with productivity whilst having a choice on where we work can help to give us the right work/life balance.

Working from home has its benefits but making sure you have the right technology to help you and your employees stay connected is paramount.

1plex can help you bridge the gap between office and home workspaces, making sure the people working from home feel like they are in the ‘office’ and are part of the office set up. We create fully bespoke set ups across multiple locations to help employees work together no matter where their location in the world is.

Our Work

See our case studies for projects that we have completed for our customers